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5 Ways Your Business Can Capitalize From Social Media

Now that everything is shifting to digital, your business should keep up with the new normal. It is important to understand how to take advantage of your social media accounts and use them to engage with your target audience.

Considering that 3.5 billion people (about half the world’s population) are on social media daily, there are millions of posts on the different social media platforms 24/7. So how would your content reach the right feeds at the right time and cut through your competitor’s posts?


Content is still king in social media. Posting good quality media that resonates with your audience is the best way to grow organically. Creating eye-catching, pleasing, relatable, and value-added posts encourages your target audience to share your content and gain a wider reach. Visit your competitor’s actions on social media and strategize how you could differentiate yourself from them while still staying relevant with your target users.


We share so much online making it easy for the algorithm to get to know us and our desires. These systems in place are designed to recommend us posts they believe would resonate with us based on our online activity. To reach the right market at the right time, we must create 360-degree avatars of our audience. Get to know your target audience in and out, know what their day-to-day looks like, what they want and need, and what their purchasing habits are. Once you figured out who your main target is, create posts that tailor-fit their description and you can also set them as your target audience when you boost campaigns.


Another reason why brands are encouraged to use social media is that it’s measurable. It gives businesses a benchmark on what works and what doesn’t. You can then improve on your strategy based on the results. Start by figuring out what your social media goals are. Is it for brand awareness? To drive people to your website? Lead generation? Once you laid out what your social media objectives are, use appropriate metrics to measure your success and keep track of your results.


Be active based on the amount of good content you have and from the insights of your analytics. Constantly posting on your socials shows consumers that you are open for business and you are ready to engage in a conversation, making it more ideal for your target market to get in touch with you.

Join and Create Communities

Social Media platforms are meant to build communities, groups of like-minded people, and to stay in touch. You can reach whoever you want to, wherever they are in the world giving you a long list of discussions you could participate in. So be sure to pick a niche and engage in it. Take advantage of these targeted groups of people in one place to start a conversation and build a relationship.

Combined with the best social media practices, these are sure-fire ways to increase your brand presence on social media. It does not happen overnight and would take a lot of experience to see significant results. Guerilla Creative Marketing could take the burden away by managing your accounts for you. Specialized in handling accounts based in Australia, UK, and the Philippines, Guerilla Creative Marketing is equipped to help you grow your business from planning to execution to tracking the results. This friendly and creative bunch is ready to chat anytime.

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