Domains and website hosting platforms are indispensable and form the crux of every business. Every organization – be it of any size – needs the strongest online presence.


First things first, when setting up a website you need to obtain a domain name. This should be done at the same time or before you have created your business name, to ensure no one has the taken your domain name or that none of your competitors share the same name as your desired name.

What is a domain?

A domain is the URL in your browser, without this URL you would not be able to access your website.


What is a TLD?

The .com extension is one of the most recognized domains in the world; nothing screams professionalism and reliability quite like a .com top-level domain (TLD). Position yourself for success with a cheap URL and enjoy the advantages of having a .com website – the ideal solution for those looking to gain ground in the international market


Hosting is an important element you need to purchase for your website, you normally pay this monthly, or annually. The space needed depends on how many websites you will have, and the amount of traffic that your site will attract. Most hosting packages are scalable so you can upgrade as you grow!

What is a Hosting?

Hosting is a space created in the internet for you to host your website files, it is like a storage space specially allocated for you. Without having this space, your website would not be visible to the public.

What does a hosting package include?

  • Web Speed & Performance
  • Top-notch Security
  • SSL Certificate – This ensures your content and data collected on your website are securely captured.
  • Reliable Email Service
  • Domain Management

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