Guerilla Creative Marketing is a family-owned business, made up of talented designers and experienced professionals who have studied and mastered our craft. Being business owners of multiple brands under our sister company TAJA Global Philippines Inc we understand the struggle between budgets and time-frames. Together, with this avid passion for creative design, we here at Guerilla Creative Marketing have made it our mission to support Start-Up’s, SME, or Corporate Enterprises, with all types of creative graphic, web, social & digital marketing.


We have proudly worked with over one hundred clients since we started this journey. 


We have designed, created, developed and executed almost five hundred creative projects.


We have expanded our team so we can support small, medium or large organizations!


Our aim is to strike the consumers with a more unique and memorable impression, to ensure each company stands out from the competition while staying within the budget. We offer something for every business whether they want to gain a larger audience, compliment their on-going mass media campaigns, or for growing businesses looking to reach more customers, Guerilla Creative Marketing will support you in achieving your marketing and advertising goals!

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